Micronization Workshop: process and control

On 7th NovemberFPS and Alfatest, respectively specialists in micronization process and powders’ characterization, propose a workshop focused on micronization in the pharmaceutical field and its problems.

Merely measuring the granulometry off-line is often not enough to understand and predict the future behaviours of the powder. A deep knowledge and an effective control over the process’ problems are only gained through the application of specific techniques aimed at powders’ characterization. The meeting will consist in a theoretical part followed by a practical demonstration in the testing facility, where you will be able to see some technical tests.


9:30-10:00 Registration and Welcome Coffee

10:00-13:00 Conference

Micronization process: variability of powder properties according to process type and setting parameters (presented by FPS)

Control of the micronized powder: the importance of controlling additionnal parameters and not only particle size - the benefits of using orthogonal techniques for the characterization such as on-line laser Diffraction - Morphological imaging - Powder rheology (presented by Alfatest)


14:00-17:00 Workshop – R&D Center

  • Grinding
  • Micronization and on-line control of the particle size
  • Morphological analysis
  • Powder rheology
  • Laser diffraction

At the end of the meeting, you can require your participation certificate.

No enrollment fee - mandatory registration - LANGUAGE: ITALIAN

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